Youngkin lawyers move to dismiss case against mask opt-out law and more Va. headlines


• Ahead of a court hearing over Virginia’s masks-optional policy for schools, lawyers for Gov. Glenn Younkin are arguing parents of students with disabilities are “speculative” and mask mandates aren’t the only way to protect the vulnerable.—Prince William Times

• Roanoke police implied a city councilman erased data on his government-issued iPad after investigators seized it in an embezzlement probe. But the city prosecutor now says it was the police who wiped it by trying to open the tablet without the password.—Roanoke Times

• The Supreme Court of Virginia ruled litigious ex-congressman Devin Nunes can’t continue his defamation lawsuit against a GOP strategist.—Fresno Bee

• After denying FOIA requests related to an education tipline, Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s office is also denying FOIA requests about how it handled the…

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