World politics and power – the dates and trends that will help shape 2023 | Adam Boulton | UK News


The major events which come define a year, or even a decade, are seldom predicted.

Nobody foresaw the 9/11 attacks on the US in 2001 which then swamped the leaderships of Tony Blair and George W Bush.

This time a year ago most experts doubted that Russia would go ahead with the vicious attack on Ukraine, which it then launched on 24 February.

Nor did finance ministers and the markets anticipate the cost of living crisis which the attack would precipitate and which would affect us all.

That does not mean it is a waste of time to look forward into 2023.

It is possible to identify dates and trends that will help shape the next 12 months.

Given that their economies are all enduring high prices, inflation and interest rates, it will be a relief to the political leaders of the G7 that no major, potentially government-ending, elections are due in France, Germany, Italy, Japan,…

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