World braced for more bombshells from furious Donald Trump after election defeat


While Trump wages a legal fight at home over what he falsely alleges is election fraud, he announced a precipitous drawdown of US troops in Afghanistan, recklessly fulfilling a campaign promise.

The Afghan government fears the move puts their country in danger of being overrun by the Taliban, while even some in the President’s own party have questioned his intent. Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger condemned the order as “an attempt to hobble the next administration.”

Kinzinger, a former US airman who flew combat missions in Afghanistan, warned that those troops who remain can do little except protect themselves. “With 2,500 troops all you have left is enough troops to defend the remaining troops,” he told CNN’s New Day on Wednesday.

Meanwhile in Iraq, where Trump has also ordered a drawdown of troops, talks between the US general in charge of coalition forces and the Iraqi…

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