Woodward/Costa book: Bill Barr was right to advise Donald Trump about suburban voters (Opinion)

According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in their tell-all book “Peril,” Barr told Trump: “There are a lot of people out there, independents and Republicans in the suburbs of the critical states, that think you’re an a——” and “don’t care about your f—— grievances.” Barr went on and told the President that if he didn’t soften his tone and turn his attention to concerns about Covid-19 and the economy, which these critical “swing” voters cared about most, he was going to lose the election.
Trump, however, refused to pivot — just like arch-conservative California recall candidate Larry Elder, who was similarly chastised by establishment Republicans who felt a moderate more in the mold of their party’s last governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker and Vermont’s Phil Scott, would have the necessary crossover appeal to have a shot in a Democratic state. And…

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