Willie Brown is not optimistic about ‘plagued’ San Francisco’s political future


Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is not a fan of San Francisco’s current group of leaders.

In a New York Times interview published Monday, Brown declared that “San Francisco is plagued with idealism” and predicted that the city — which has an outsized influence on national politics with leaders such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris hailing from San Francisco — will lose that political power in the future.

“We have no bench,” Brown said. “We have not attempted to build a roster of new, talented people.”

Brown did not name any leaders by name, and when asked directly if, “Do I hear you saying that San Francisco is no longer at the vanguard of liberal ideas for the country?” replied with, “No, we still have all kinds of people with ideas. But we have nobody on the bench capable of implementing them.”

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