Will Trump have to run against a crowded field of Republicans in 2024?


The question: Who is running for the Republican nomination for president?

Just about everyone!

A whole lot of would-be presidents–some plausible, some not–are making noises about challenging Donald Trump. Some will wind up not running. But for others, the waters seem just fine for jumping in.

While the media are virtually united in saying Trump can’t win a general election, they are also awash in speculation about his running mate. Kari Lake, who narrowly lost her race for Arizona governor, went to Mar-a-Lago and is widely touted as a possible ticket-mate. The former anchor is telegenic and is all in on Trump’s “rigged election” crusade, as any VP pick would have to be. (Lake just released a video saying she’s challenging her loss, by 20,000 votes, and strongly implying that fraud was involved.)

Former President Donald Trump, left, and Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis,…

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