Will Joe Manchin III Cross the Aisle?, by R. Emmett Tyrrell


Washington — I have been thinking about who my Man of the Year might be this year. And, by the way, who my Woman of the Year might be also. Of course, times are changing fast. Possibly I should be thinking about who my Transgender Person of the Year might be. It has been a complicated year. What with COVID-19 and not one but two Cuomos out of action and, finally, all the geniuses that the Biden administration has brought to Washington. Why not just lump all genders into one category? How about the Prodigy of the Year?

Consider a Prodigy who has monopolized the news and the headlines from the year’s beginning to the year’s end, without doing any harm to anyone? The Prodigy comes from a small state. One might say an out-of-the-way state, and the Prodigy’s timing was perfect. The Prodigy waited until the very end of the year to make a decision that could have been made at…

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