Will it be Biden vs Trump once again?


Is a Joe Biden versus Donald Trump presidential race on the cards in 2024? The two have thrown their hats into the ring two years ahead of the poll. Polls show that though Biden remains unpopular, he still enjoys more support than Trump. According to a recent Emerson College survey, the Democrats hold an edge of four percentage points. However, there are no cheers from the voters for a re-run of the Biden versus Trump match.

According to recent polls, nearly 60 per cent of Americans do not want Trump back in the White House. A Biden-Trump contest would also mean the chances of a woman president fading away. Trump announced his candidature on November 15 in Florida. Facing several court cases and investigations, the former President is keen to take up the White House challenge to protect himself from legal challenges. He showed his intention of a re-run right from when Biden…

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