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Why the Tories Are Britain’s Party of Diversity



The candidates for the Conservative Party leadership are strikingly diverse. Six of the 10 declared candidates are members of ethnic minorities; three (Suella Braverman, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid) are the children of immigrants; two (Nadhim Zahawi and Rehman Chisti) were born abroad, in Iraq and Pakistan respectively; and one (Kemi Badenoch) was brought up in Nigeria. Four are female. Only two are White men.

Whatever happened to the party of the White patriarchy?

The presence of prominent women candidates should come as no surprise given the party has already produced two female prime ministers —  Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May —  to zero for opposition Labour. The Tory membership can think of nothing better than a return to the glorious days of Thatcher (which is why one of the leading candidates, Liz Truss, is forever striking Maggie-like…

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