Why doesn’t Liz Cheney mention January 6 to her voters?


Cockburn is eagerly anticipating a number of clashes in the 2022 midterm elections in under a year’s time. Chief among them is the battle Congresswoman Liz Cheney faces with Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman to hold onto Wyoming’s sole seat in the House of Representatives. So how is the incumbent presenting herself to her voters?

Cheney has sought to bolster her reputation as “the Last Honest Republican in Washington,” by periodically challenging former president Donald Trump in TV appearances with NBC, CBS and Fox News’s friendlier faces — Bret Baier and freshly departed Sunday host Chris Wallace. But most significantly, she has raised her national profile through her role as vice chair of the January 6 committee, upon which she and Adam Kinzinger are the only two Republicans.

Last week was a particularly explosive one for the committee, as they sifted through…

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