Why Democrats are entering 2022 in a cranky mood


Is it just me or do others feel that liberal Democrats are cranky, maybe even angry?

Ironically, they’re cranky not because of the large number of COVID deaths in 2021, high inflation, the border crisis, crime in our cities, challenges from Russia and China, or the botched Afghanistan departure.

They’re cranky for several other reasons.

Many liberal Democratic members of Congress seem to be unhappy with their greatest political victory. They have expressed regret for supporting the passage of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which will improve America and prepare the country for the decades ahead. It demonstrated to the nation that we can get big things done with Democratic and Republican support.

So why are they cranky?

Because they were unable to force moderate Democrats to vote in favor of rampant spending on social programs. The Congressional Budget Office…

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