Why a Trump photo is decorating a Biden White House Christmas Tree


It’s a picture of season’s greetings.​

Tucked among the branches of the White House​ Christmas tree in the State Dining Room is a photo of former President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

The gold-framed picture, snapped by photographers during a press preview of the White House holiday decorations last month, shows the 45th president and first lady receiving the official White House tree in 2018.

Although it may seem unusual for Trump to be adorning his successor’s tree, the unconventional ornament fits with first lady Jill Biden’s “Gifts from the Heart” theme for the holiday decorations, according to Newsweek

Each room in the White House has been dedicated to the different “gifts” people get during the year. 

The State Dining Room’s theme is “gift of family,” which includes the families people are born…

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