Why A Phone Call Donald Trump Made On January 6 Has Caught The Eye Of Investigators


There was reportedly communication between Donald Trump and the team at the Willard. According to The Guardian, Trump called the Willard hotel several times the evening of January 5 and the early hours of January 6 to talk to his lawyers and other advisors about how to stop the results from being certified and to complain that Mike Pence wasn’t going to go along with a plan to overturn the results.

Those phone calls from the White House are of interest to the House Select Committee. They could potentially show there was foreknowledge of or coordination in regards to the violence at the Capitol, and committee chairman Congressman Bennie Thompson said they plan to open an inquiry into the calls between the White House and the Willard war room. Thus far, Trump has claimed executive privilege and sued to block the release of January 6 related documents (via The NY Times).


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