Who is Maurene Comey, the rising star of US courts who took down Ghislaine Maxwell?


You could almost hear the groans when the prosecutorial line-up was announced. Leading the US government’s case against Ghislaine Maxwell was the 32-year-old daughter of the former director of the FBI.

How could such a young, relatively inexperienced attorney handle one of the Southern District of New York’s (SDNY) most important cases of the past decade?

Conspiracy theorists even proffered that Maurene Comey had been hand-selected to engineer a failed prosecution in order to protect the “elitist cabal” to which she and her father, James Comey, were said to belong.

However, Ms Comey ended up being the stand-out prosecutor who brought the case home for the government, which was left hugely embarrassed by the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s 2019 death in prison.

Alison Moe, her colleague, was charged with the prosecution’s closing statement, but it was Ms Comey’s…

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