Who is Mariannette Miller-Meeks? Meet the Republican ophthalmologist running to defend her seat in Congress


With a backdrop of spotless cars that spanned the decades of the 20th century in Dahl Ford’s Old Car Home in Davenport, Mariannette Miller-Meeks told dozens of Republicans she’d work to bring down rising prices and be a check on the Biden Administration if reelected.

It was June, and the average price of gasoline that day was $4.62 cents a gallon, nearing Iowa’s peak price before falling under $4 in late summer.

“It (the cars) hearkens back to a day when America was an innovator, was great, was a world power and there was so much hope in our country,” Miller-Meeks told Republicans at her June campaign event, which was headlined by potential 2024 presidential contender Nikki Haley. “And as I reflect on the things that we see today in our nation, there seems to be a lot of hopelessness.”

Miller-Meeks puts the…

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