White House to Host Swearing-In Ceremony for Barrett on Monday Night


The White House plans to hold a swearing-in event on Monday night for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett following her expected confirmation in the Senate, according to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Meadows told reporters on Monday morning that if Barrett’s nomination is confirmed by the full Senate, the White House expects “a swearing in to happen later this evening if all goes well.”

He pushed back on suggestions that the event could be a repeat of the late September event in which President Donald Trump announced Barrett’s nomination. A number of people who attended that event in the Rose Garden were infected with COVID-19.

“The very first event, while there’s a whole lot of connections that had been made with who was at the event and who came down with it, you know, we’ve been able to look at that and track … as many as three different areas where…

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