Where One Lives Does not Impede where One Runs


The redistricting of CD-11 is prompting some moving around – one way or another.

Republican Tom Toomey, who had planned to run in the 11th against Mikie Sherrill, now says he wants to run in CD-6 where the incumbent is Frank Pallone.

There already is a Republican considering a challenge to Pallone – Sue Kiley, a Monmouth County commissioner. So there may be a primary.

In his statement, Toomey seems to discount Kiley, contending that “career politician Frank Pallone remains unchallenged.”

Just as an aside, it is fascinating that where one actually lives is no impediment to where one runs for Congress.

Toomey says he’s giving up his CD-11 challenge, because the district is in “great hands” with many “great” candidates.

Left unsaid is that the new map has made the district far more friendly to Democrats than to Republicans.

One of those “great”…

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