When Democrats Are Peddling This Old Talking Point…You Know They’ve Got Nothing


Am I hearing things or are Democrats dusting off the old 2012 playbook? The Left is in full meltdown mode ever since a leaker at the Supreme Court gave a draft of an opinion of the Dobbs case to the press. The draft, which has been authenticated, points to the Court overturning Roe v. Wade. An investigation into the leak is underway. It has set off a wave of protests. Unhinged pro-aborts are showing up outside the houses of Supreme Court justices. It’s mayhem. Democrats think they have a lifeline. They don’t. It’s May, fellas. In political time, we have several thousand years before Election Day 2022, where the GOP still holds the edge on almost everything. And woke white women on social media don’t win you elections. Gas prices are still outrageous. Inflation is through the roof. The economy shrunk last quarter. We’re heading for a recession and most women who aren’t…

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