When a gift card from ‘Grandma’ accidentally arrives in Eric Swalwell’s mail, he pretends to be Santa. ⋆ Ceng News


Rep. Eric Swalwell of California was successful in locating the rightful recipients of a Christmas gift card sent to his Washington, D.C. office by mistake. after seeking assistance from his Twitter followers

On Friday afternoon, Swalwell tweeted that #OperationGrandma, which he dubbed “Operation Grandma,” was a success after he delivered the card himself, albeit a little late. Swalwell had asked his followers to assist him in locating two people named “Erick and Emma” just hours before.

In his initial tweet, Swalwell asked, “Does anyone know an Emma and Erick living in a basement apartment in DC?” “They were sent a gift card, but it ended up in my DC mail. I only have ‘Grandma’ as a return address, and I’d like to get it to them as soon as possible!”

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