What will it take for Republicans to give up on Trump?


To the editor: Yes, most Republicans so far have preferred to shrug off the House committee’s investigation of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Any findings that conclusively fault former President Trump for facilitating the insurrection would scuttle the GOP’s chances in upcoming elections. (“Bigger holes keep appearing in the ‘Big Lie,’” Opinion, Dec. 17)

It wasn’t always this way. Some 47 years ago, few Republicans disregarded the gravity of President Nixon’s abuses of power. After Nixon’s release of his “smoking gun” tape recordings, GOP leaders urged him to resign. A few days later, he did.

One big difference with the 1970s explains why integrity seems so lacking among many of today’s politicians: That decade was not deluged with politically skewed news outlets and social media sites that enable rampant disinformation and delusional groupthink to…

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