What Trump’s Alleged Crimes and Costco Have in Common


Co-host of The New Abnormal podcast Andy Levy has a request for conservatives: Stop pretending former President Donald Trump is clueless.

“He knew everything that was going on the day of Jan. 6, he knew everything and was part of everything that was going on in the days following Election Day. Regarding what his son was doing, all of that stuff, he was part of it. He was in it up to his eyeballs and it’s absolutely ridiculous to try to pretend that he wasn’t,” Levy tells co-host Molly Jong-Fast, referring to recently surfaced texts that Donald Trump Jr. sent to Trump’s then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about having enough “control” to ensure daddy a second term.

“It’s not about who actually won the election and who more Americans voted for, who won the electoral college,” says Levy. “It’s about keeping his family in power. That’s all they care about. That’s…

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