What Salena Zito’s Picking Up on Main Street America


BUCK: We are now joined by Salena Zito. She is doing fantastic work in battleground states to bring everybody the ground truth about what’s happening, the political dimensions and directions, and right before this big midterm election, we know she’s going to have some great insights to share with us all. Salena, appreciate you coming back.

ZITO: No, thanks so much for having me.

BUCK: And SalenaZito.com for her latest stories. So just tell us. I mean, we’re focused in here on a few states. I know that you watched the Fetterman-Oz debate from a bar in Pennsylvania, which is clearly the best way to watch a Fetterman-Oz debate. What are some of the things you’re picking up from talking to people? I mean, you’re kind of a Main Street whisperer as a journalist because you actually talk to people on Main Street of towns across America. What are you hearing?

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