What my 2021 inbox reveals about the 2024 GOP race


On any given day in 2021, I receive at least 20 fundraising emails from current, former or wanna-be Republican candidates, along with right-leaning PACs, and promptly click “unsubscribe.” But I save those sent from potential 2024 presidential contenders since they provide valuable insight into Republican-base message testing from high-priced GOP consultants. Then, I watch who sent them and how often, during what is traditionally the most off-year in the presidential campaign cycle.

Here is a review of emails from three contenders from whom I have received the most.

Mike PompeoMike PompeoChina replaces Xinjang Communist Party chief who oversaw persecution of Uyghurs: report Sunday show preview: Omicron surges, and Harris sits for extensive interview Sunday shows preview: Officials, experts respond to omicron; Biden administration raises alarms about Russia, China MORE:

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