What happened to the ‘Two Guys” from Sonic Drive-In Commercials


Commercial actors like Jake from State Farm and Jake from Progressive can be beloved household names. They can disappear like the “Two Guys”It’s almost as if someone close has disappeared from Sonic Drive-In commercials. Here’s what happened to the Sonic guys, and what they’ve been up to since their decade of work for the fast-food company. 

T.J. Jagodowski & Peter Grosz:

T.J. Jagodowski (comedian) and Peter Grosz (comedian) were Sonic Drive-In’s faces over a decade. This made them two of America’s most recognizable characters. Their wit and hilarious timing were what made them so beloved. In 2002, they first made their debut in fast-food commercials. These were filmed entirely in cars. The duo could be seen enjoying Sonic’s foot-long hot dogs and milkshakes for the next ten years. 

The company changed their direction in 2020 and began to use the “Two…

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