What GOP’s coffers buy Ohio state senators (and their donors): Thomas Suddes


As of mid-summer, for every six cents banked by Ohio Democrats for state senate campaigns, Ohio Republicans had on hand $1 — one reason that Ohio’s entrenched majority party tends to stay entrenched, Thomas Suddes writes in his column today.AP

Democrats last ran the state Senate 37 years ago, under the late Harry Meshel, of Youngstown, as Senate president. That was in December 1984. Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was at the top of the charts, and Walter Mondale was still trying to figure out what had hit him the month before. Buckeye State Republicans have run the Ohio Senate ever since.

And GOP rule of the Senate, under President Matt Huffman, of Lima, isn’t about to change, based on campaign finance reports that each Senate caucus has filed. The reports offer data on how much the caucuses have banked pending next year’s reports.

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