What Ever Happened To The Cast Of Pleasantville?


There are a number of smaller characters within the world of Pleasantville. One of those is Lisa Anne, one of Mary Sue’s sitcom friends, played by Maggie Lawson. “Pleasantville” was the first theatrical film Lawson ever did, and — though she has a few film credits — then the actress has stuck mainly to television.

She had small or recurring roles in “Two and a Half Men,” “The Ranch,” “Party of Five” and “Lethal Weapon,” as well as starring roles in short lived shows like “Crumbs,” “Angel From Hell,” and “Back in the Game.” But Lawson’s most prominent role is Detective Juliet O’Hara in the USA Network comedy series “Psych,” which followed a man who gets employed by the police when he pretends to by a psychic. Lawson played O’Hara for all eight seasons of the show, and she even reprised her role for three “Psych” films, the first on USA Network and the next two for…

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