What Does the Pelosi Taiwan Uproar Mean for U.S. China Policy?


Matthew Kroenig: Hi, Emma, I hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer. How have you been?

Emma Ashford: [silence]

MK: Emma, are you there?

EA: Wait, what? Oh, sorry, I was just catching up on my podcasts. Did you know that Foreign Policy has an economics podcast where they just ask Adam Tooze his opinion on some crazy fact—like the economics of the Catholic Church—and let him talk for half an hour? We should ask if we can do that: How do you feel about the international relations implications of discovering aliens? Are robot soldiers going to take over for humans? What about the political economy of the Conch Republic?

[Ed.: Actually, FP is big on space—and podcasts. But you still owe me a falafel. Then we can talk.]

MK: I’d be happy to debate you on why America must not allow a missile gap with the Martians, but I suspect our readers will be disappointed if we…

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