Watch How Tucker Carlson on Fox News Makes the Outrageously False Claim That His Own Words Aren’t Being Used by Russia


Monday night Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson outright lied on-air, attacking Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell who accused him of supporting Vladimir Putin and his unlawful war of choice against Ukraine.

Carlson astonishingly denied this was true, brilliantly defusing what countless Fox News viewers heard – both him defending Putin and his war on Ukraine, and that the Kremlin was using those words on Russian TV to defend Putin.

First, here’s how Snopes describes the pro-Putin propaganda Carlson created:

Carlson spent a number of segments criticizing U.S. President Joe Biden and the Ukrainian government, and then often defending Putin, clips that have become fodder for Russian television. On Feb. 17, 2022, for example, he said:

And of course, they’re promoting war, not to maintain the democracy that is Ukraine. Ukraine is not a democracy. It has never been…

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