Was Ashley Biden’s Diary Stolen? How the President’s Daughter Got Caught in Legal Fight After a Leak


Ashley Biden and Joe Biden

Gary Gershoff/WireImage

A former diary believed to belong to President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, is now at the center of a federal investigation into how its handwritten pages ended up published on an obscure right-wing website last year.

The convoluted case focuses in part on Project Veritas, a self-described “non-profit journalism enterprise” with a history of undercover operations and other secretive tactics that critics have long said are far more manipulative than journalistic. In 2017, The Washington Post reported how the group apparently tried to trick their reporters by peddling a false sexual assault allegation against a conservative politician.

Republicans, meanwhile, have repeatedly trumpeted Project Veritas’ work exposing perceived bias and misconduct in mainstream culture. Last year, a PBS lawyer resigned from the network…

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