WAPO Admits Truth: January 6 is All About the Midterms


Even The Washington Post has admitted, perhaps inadvertently, what the January 6 “investigation” is really all about for Democrats.

We won’t link to WAPO here, because they’re a paid subscription-only service and a propaganda rag — a candy mint and a breath mint — but Tristan Justice at The Federalist offers a great report on the story. WAPO’s headline on Friday was “Jan. 6 committee faces a thorny challenge: persuading the public to care.” (Incidentally, they also ran an op-ed by esteemed former attorney general James Comey on March 7, “Every Jan. 6 case matters.” We think they matter, too, but for very different reasons.)

Admitting the Obvious

But here’s The Federalist’s piece from Sunday: “Democrats running the Jan. 6 Committee finally admitted the obvious: it’s a show trial all about the midterms.”

The Democrats are…

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