VP Harris says not leaving DC ‘bubble’ more is ‘biggest failure’


Vice President Kamala Harris said in a new interview that her “biggest failure” is not traveling outside DC more often — brushing record-setting illegal immigration numbers and reports of White House disharmony.

“What do you think your biggest failure has been at this point?” CBS’ Margaret Brennan asked Harris in an interview that will air in full on “Face The Nation” Sunday.

“To not get out of DC more,” Harris said, laughing at her own remark and avoiding more divisive issues, such as her decision to wait three months to visit the US-Mexico border after President Biden tapped her to address the “root causes” of the migrant crisis.

The vice president’s approval rating has dipped as low as 28 percent in recent polls, well below Biden’s own relatively low ratings, and her office is in the midst of a staff exodus amid…

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