Virginia Supreme Court Ends Devin Nunes Lawsuit Against Liz Mair


The Virginia Supreme Court on Thursday denied Devin Nunes a chance to appeal a lower court ruling in a long-running defamation feud with Republican strategist Liz Mair.

“Upon review of the record in this case and consideration of the argument submitted in support of and in opposition to the granting of an appeal, the Court is of the opinion there is no reversible error in the judgment complained of,” Clerk Muriel-Theresa Pitney wrote. “Accordingly, the Court refuses the petition for appeal.”

The upshot of the ruling is that Nunes’s efforts to sue Mair, years in the making, have ended with a whimper.

“I am pleased to announce today that the Virginia Supreme Court has refused former Rep. Nunes’ petition for appeal in his $150 million lawsuit against me (one of two in which he sought a total of $400 million in damages),” Mair wrote in a statement provided to…

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