Virginia governor’s plan to join Paul LePage in Lewiston draws heat from Democrats


Virginia’s ambitious governor, Republican Glenn Youngkin, is under fire from Democrats in that state for his plan to visit Lewiston next week to raise money for Paul LePage’s bid to reclaim Maine’s governorship for the GOP.

The possible presidential candidate, who has been traveling widely to share the stage with Republicans, “is once again ignoring his duties as governor to stump for extreme candidates across the country,” Democratic Party of Virginia Spokesperson Gianni Snidle said Monday.

A flyer advertising a campaign fundraising event for Paul LePage, with guest Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia. Committee to Elect Gov. Paul LePage

“If the GOP thinks sending Gov. Youngkin around the country will help them win the election, they’re dead wrong,” Snidle said. “He’s just another far-right cultural warrior who wears a sweater vest to hide his out-of-touch,…

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