View in Review: New Season, New Co-Hosts, Same Drama


The co-hosts were all smiles as The View returned from its summer break. (Photo:Lou Rocco/ABC)

And we’re back. In this episode of The View in Review, we break down the first three weeks of The View Season 26, from Alyssa Farah Griffin’s uneventful interview with Hillary Clinton to Whoopi Goldberg’s continued disdain for pop culture Hot Topics. Plus, Sara Haines makes her voice heard and the co-hosts react to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Show Topics

  • Ana Navarro makes herself scarce with a two-day-a-week schedule
  • Alyssa Farah Griffin misses an opportunity with Hillary Clinton
  • Whoopi Goldberg defends the monarchy and King Charles III in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death
  • The ladies finally realize Whoopi has no eyebrows
  • Sara Haines calls out Sunny Hostin for criticizing Nikki Haley’s name change
  • Sunny keeps Alyssa honest while discussing the Proud…

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