Veteran helps bring attention to licensing issue for discharged service members


SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – All members of the armed forces deserve to be recognized and honored when they leave the service, but it wasn’t always that way, at least, not on paper.

Now, that’s been corrected thanks to one veteran who caught the mistake.

Robert Charles Jeter served in the United States Army Reserves and the National Guard.

He was “94- Bravo,” also known as a food service specialist.

“We got up early in the morning preparing breakfast, then we do a lunch,” Jeter said.

He added he loved it and when he left the reserves in 1988, he said missed it.

So, he joined the National Guard.

However, that’s not where Jeter’s story ends.

“I was looking at the news one evening and Nikki Haley, our Governor at the time had passed a bill that if you take your DD-214 honorable discharge [papers] to the D.M.V., you could get…

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