Valley News – Forum, Oct. 18: Lots at stake for children in election

Lots at stake for children in election

When I became a pediatrician, I had one goal: to help children live happy and healthy lives. And that is why this November, I will be voting for kids.

Over the last eight months, our country has faced countless challenges that have affected children in innumerable ways. From school and day care shutdowns to increased food and housing insecurity, children have been undoubtedly affected. In my own practice I have seen adolescents, recent high school and college graduates, on the brink of entering an adult world full of uncertainty. I have cared for families where parents are juggling the challenges of having a newborn in their home with remote learning for older children and unemployment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the inequality and inequity that exists as a result of systemic racism that plagues our nation. In 2019, too many were…

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