Valley News – Forum, Jan. 4: President Joe Biden’s courageous, ambitious steps

President Joe Biden’s courageous, ambitious steps

Forum contributor Neil Meliment laments that President Joe Biden is, in his words, “a wrecking ball” (“President Biden’s controlled demolition of America,” Dec. 30). My take is a little different.

Since President Biden took office less than a year ago, the unemployment rate has gone from 9.3% to 4.2%. His child tax credit has helped reduce the child poverty rate in this country by 25%.

He took the courageous step of removing our military from an utterly unwinnable quagmire in Afghanistan, which all three of his predecessors had simply kicked down the road after having spent trillions of taxpayer dollars, costing the lives of tens of thousands of Afghan men, women and children, and the deaths of thousands of American troops.

We have rejoined the international community in a global effort to address and mitigate climate change…

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