US says diplomats go to Beijing to help athletes after China boycott – Community News


The Biden administration said on Monday that US diplomats are going to Beijing to support athletes in the Winter Olympics, but not to attend the Games, after a leading Chinese government propagandist claimed the move shows President Biden’s diplomatic boycott is a “farce ”is.

China’s foreign ministry said Monday it had received at least 18 US applications for diplomatic visas. The South China Morning Post reported that another 40 may be coming in ahead of the Feb. 4 opening ceremony.

The State Department and the White House National Security Council said late Monday there had been no change in Biden’s “diplomatic boycott”.

“We plan to provide consular and diplomatic security services to ensure that our athletes, coaches, trainers and personnel are safe and have access to the U.S. civilian services we provide to all U.S. citizens abroad,” said a statement from…

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