US congressman reveals heartbreaking question his child asked after Texas shooting


Yesterday (24th May), a gunman in Texas killed nineteen children and two adults in a shooting at a primary school.

The attack took place in the south Texas city of Uvalde at Robb Elementary School which teaches children who are aged seven to 10.

The horrifying mass shooting comes less than two weeks after 10 people were shot and killed by a white supremacist at a New York supermarket.

The proximity of the tragic shootings has not evaded even the youngest and most innocent minds who have had to bear witness to them.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell made the point all too clearly, as he revealed the heartbreaking question his young son asked him.

In a tweet, Swalwell wrote: “My little boy just asked ‘did the bad guy from the grocery store come back? Is he going to come to our house?’

“*Now the MAGA-Republicans will mock my son or say I’m making this up as they did when he asked…

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