Uh oh. Hunter Biden’s ex-wife has written a book – HotAir


Since we’ve entered another midterm election year, you can expect the usual flood of books by politicians and those who are politically adjacent to begin showing up in droves. One that may prove to be interesting (or embarrassing, depending on your surname) was announced on Wednesday and it was written by Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle. The title of the memoir should provide you with a good idea of where this story is heading since it’s named “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing.” In case you didn’t already guess, Ms. Buhle isn’t the one with the addiction problem. The real question is precisely how far she will be going in terms of disclosing Hunter Biden’s bad behavior and if she will extend her recollections beyond the drugs and hookers and into any of his business dealings, particularly of the Chinese and Ukrainian varieties. (NY…

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