U.S. Rep. Pocan: Speaks in support of House passed 21st Century President Act


I rise today in support of the 21st Century President Act, a bipartisan bill which I am glad to have authored and introduced.

Federal law hasn’t caught up to where progress in this country is, specifically when it comes to who a future president can be.

This bill would change federal law that refers to a president’s spouse. Sections that currently refer to a president’s “wife” or “widow” would be changed to “spouse” in recognition of the fact that in the 21st Century the president could be either a woman or a person from the LGBTQ community.

Without this change to the U.S. Code, for example, the law that makes it a crime to threaten, kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon the president or the president’s family would fail to include a future female or gay president and their potential spouse.

This change is long overdue.

Someday, there could be a President…

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