U.S. pushes Sudan to normalize relations with Israel, incentivizes with cash aid and more – The Guilfordian


At a conference between United States and Sudan officials two weeks ago, the United States discussed the prospect of removing Sudan from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, as well as providing desperately needed economic aid, if Sudan officialy normalized relations with Israel. This offer has put Sudan, a nation that has regularly shown support for Palestine’s rights to independence, in a difficult position.

The delegates met in Abu Dhabi on Sept. 21, holding talks mediated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The push to normalize relations with Israel is part of the Trump administration’s ongoing peace plan to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, most recently advanced with the official normalization of the UAE and Bahrain’s relations with Israel in early September.

According to Axios, Sudan has requested more than $3 billion in aid from the United States as well as a…

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