Two too old to be President of the United States


I have lived through 15 United States presidents. From FDR through George H. W. Bush, U.S. presidents had always been older than I was. Bill Clinton was the first president to whom I was senior. That trend reverted when Joe Biden was inaugurated.

I’ve been thinking about aging and the realities of growing older. I look at Joe Biden and think: “I may be able to ride a bike better than Biden, but I could not do half the things he does. How does he stay up for it?” How does he manage to stay sharp enough to be president… and the haunting question: Is he sharp enough?  

I see Biden as a decent human being who has managed to get hard things done.  He has, for example, put together a strong international commitment to Ukraine but that’s not enough. Presidents must be effective, energetic and competent.

A president’s schedule is managed by his extensive staff who help him keep…

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