Tumultuous 2 Years In Maplewood: Outgoing Mayor Gives Thoughts


MAPLEWOOD, NJ — During the last two years, Maplewood lost more than two dozen residents

and even a local doctor to COVID, lost a resident in the flood of Hurricane Ida, and lost a local high school student who was shot to death at the school athletic complex.

It was a tumultuous time to lead a town, and probably not what outgoing Mayor Frank McGehee expected when he took the helm in January 2020.

But there were highlights, too: arts festivals, achievements, more money for main street, and new residents who wanted to make the town their home.

In Maplewood’s form of government, the public elects five Township Committee members for staggered terms. Each year, at a reorganization meeting, the commissioners choose a mayor and deputy mayor from among themselves. Dean Dafis had been serving as deputy mayor under McGehee, and became mayor this past Saturday. READ MORE: Dafis Becomes…

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