Tucker Carlson Tonight Is No. 1 in All Measurements For First Time Ever


Fox News, once again, dominated the cable news rankings in 2021. This time, it was Tucker Carlson, not Sean Hannity, whose show averaged the largest total audience on cable news. Fox News’ 8 p.m. offering Tucker Carlson Tonight eclipsed Fox News’ 9 p.m. show Hannity in 2021, having averaged 3.21 million total viewers. Hannity, meanwhile, dropped to No. 3 in total viewers, averaging 2.87 million in 2021. Hannity had been the the most-watched show on cable news from 2017-2020.

So, who finished between Carlson and Hannity? That would be Fox News’ 5 p.m. panel show The Five, which posted an average of 2.94 million in 2021. The Five’s performance represents the first time a non-primetime program was the second-most-watched show for a calendar year in cable news history.

Overall, Fox News is home seven of the 10 most-watched cable news shows of 2021. The other three hail from…

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