Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns reveal our leaders’ totalitarian instincts


Naomi Wolf has been a prominent person in America and a prominent Democrat for more than 30 years. She’s one of the founders of third-wave feminisim. She worked for Bill Clinton and famously advised Al Gore. Late last year, she voted for Joe Biden. You’ve almost certainly seen her books; she’s written a lot of them.

We didn’t think we agreed on much with Wolf, to put it mildly. Yet less than a week after the last election, Wolf surprised a lot of people by tweeting this:

Wow, where did that come from? More to the point, how did this faithful lifelong Democrat reach that conclusion? Maybe because, whatever her preconceptions, Naomi Wolf has been paying attention. That’s true for a lot of us, actually, regardless of who we voted for. People who have been watching events carefully may find they have very different views than the views they once had.

The reason for that is simple:…

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