Tucker Carlson Brings Rants Of Ugly Wind Turbines And Falling Sperm Counts To Iowa


DES MOINES, Iowa ― Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host and racist “replacement” theory proponent, brought his familiar message that the “ruling class” wants to manipulate everyday Americans to a high-profile stop Friday on the Republican presidential nomination circuit.

In 42 minutes of meandering remarks with frequent tangents to attack his favorite targets and punctuated with his trademark cackle, Carlson did not suggest he would seek the White House but did tell the conservative Christian audience what to avoid when settling on a GOP nominee.

“You need to be really wary of candidates who care what The New York Times thinks,” he told the 1,800 seated before him.

He used as an example former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley after the police murder of George Floyd, when she posted a tweet saying that the Black man’s death was “personal and painful” to her and that healing…

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