Tucker Carlson: America would gain nothing from starting war with Russia


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Here’s something all of us need to internalize. Just because something seems far-fetched, or it seems crazy, or it seems totally destructive to core American interests doesn’t mean the U.S. government won’t do it. That’s the main lesson at the moment we’re living in. 

So with that in mind, do not discount, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, a hot war with Russia. Yes, that is a lunatic idea. There is nothing we could possibly gain from a military confrontation with Vladimir Putin and there’s very much we could lose including of course many thousands of American lives. But that doesn’t mean Joe Biden won’t do it. 

Biden is unpopular, he’s incompetent and he’s desperate. More than anything Joe Biden is weak. He’s a pawn of his staff in the hard-eyed ideologues who surround him. Russia is currently involved in a…

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