Truth Social Team Working ‘Around The Clock’ Following Troubled Launch, Says Devin Nunes


The team at the Donald Trump-backed social network Truth Social are working “literally around the clock” to address its numerous problems following its shaky rollout, according to former California congressman Devin Nunes.

Nunes, who resigned from office to become chief executive officer of the app’s creator Trump Media and Technology Group, urged people to stick with the “free speech” social network and promised that it will move beyond its teething problems.

Truth Social, which was meant to mark a return to social media for Trump, went live on the Apple App store in the early hours of February 21 and was almost immediately hit with a number of issues.

Users complained about errors on the app not allowing them to sign up for an account. When they were finally able to set one up, they were then put in a queue with hundreds of thousands of other people ahead of them before they could…

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