Trump’s Truth Social gets off to a rocky start


Former President Trump’s platform Truth Social has made little impact on the social media market roughly two weeks after launching on the Apple app store, with hundreds of thousands of potential users stuck on a lengthy waitlist.

The nascent social media platform initially roared onto the scene, capturing the top spot for free downloads on the Apple app store market. But after less than 20 days, Truth Social finds itself far down the list at 116, right between the app for DoorDash drivers and a game in which a genie guesses internet celebrities.

The explanation for the precipitous drop is fairly straightforward: The app has been inaccessible for most users, while the ones who have been admitted have had little to be excited about.

Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes did previously caution that the app would not be “fully functional” until the end of March.

But the platform’s…

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